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Mission Statement

The Centerville Quarterback Club’s mission is to provide financial and volunteer support for the advancement of the Centerville Elks football program. As a member you will help the club further enhance the players experience while raising loyal and spirited support for Centerville football. Centerville Quarterback Club membership primarily consists of Elks Football fans, parents, and alumni. All community members are welcome.

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2023  QBC Club Board of Directors


President:     Greg Kerr

Vice President/Membership:     Jay Richards

Treasurer:     Tom Thaxton

Communications and Website:    John Wheatley

Business Development/ Value Cards:     Tony Miltenberger

Booster's Rep:     Bill Brinck

Senior Rep:     John Wheatley

Junior Rep:     Blake Newcomb

Sophomore Rep:     Kyle Buhler

Freshman Rep:     Michael Gorman

8th Grade Rep:     Paul Sawyer

7th Grade Rep:     Jarrod  Malott

Wee Elk Rep:     Dawn Becker

Projects We Support

With the proceeds from our fundraising efforts, the Centerville Quarterback Club is able to

support many projects that benefit the Centerville Elks football program.


Some of our current projects include:

Annual Scholarship - $2,500

Locker Nameplates

New Video Equipment

Locker Room Improvements

Season Highlight Videos

Senior Dinner

Team Warm-ups

Senior Gifts

Team Awards & Plaques

Coaches Headphones

Trainer equipment and supplies

Weekly Game Films

Team Web Page

Practice T-Shirts and Shorts

New Computer or TV Equipment

**In 2024 the Centerville Quarterback Club merged with the Centerville Football Mother's Club to become the Centerville Touchdown Club which invites all members of the Centerville Football family to work together as one organization to serve the needs of the football program**

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Thank You in advance for your support!

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